Parker House

The Parker House lies within Frank Lloyd Wright's planned community of Usonia.

Covering nearly 100 acres with some 46 circular lots, Usonia is animated by an ethos persisting over 65 years, involving natural materials, early forms of environmental design and an interplay between interior and exterior spaces.

As with many of the early Usonian homes, they where built with experimental materials and techniques. The Parker house was in need of significant infrastructure updates and aesthetic improvements, as well as, more space for a growing family.

Our client wanted to honor the homes original Usonian intention but did not want to limit the design solution singularly to the ethos or esthetic of a Usonian home. Through material and form the design program refers to the homes mid century pedigree, while combining newly added spaces, modern amenities, and a balanced palette of reclaimed and current materials. The result is a bespoke home that resonates with a sense of history yet emerges from its parts as something wholly cohesive and authentic. A home that deepens the spirit and amplifies the condition of life for the family who lives there.

“I can see elements from our parents’ home that you have tastefully integrated with the improvements and updates that (you) have made. 
You certainly have brought the home into the 21st century. It is a lovely home.”

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